• Prasanthi Naidoo

Why You Rarely Get A Response After You Apply

You put your heart into that cover letter. You ensured that you were meticulous about including all pertinent details into your resume. You’re practically guaranteed the position, right? Well – not necessarily. While it is certainly important to put great efforts into impressing your would-be employers, it’s important to keep in mind, in many cases, you’re one of numerous applicants for the job position you covet.

What that means is you shouldn’t actually expect a reply. In fact, if you do get a reply, following your online application, you should be very impressed. Many employers don’t respond to applicants for a myriad of reasons.

Recruiters workloads are often unrealistic.

Not only are you not the only person to have applied for a job at the company, that job is not the only one the company has available. The bottom line is that recruiters and employers alike are very busy people. Rest assured in the fact you’ve done your best. The rest is up to the individuals responsible for filling the available positions at their organizations.

“A potential employer might be trying to not only fill the position you applied for, but several others as well…simultaneously,” Jennifer Parris reminds us on FlexJobs.com, “So it makes sense, then, that they might be too busy to get back to just one candidate about just one job opening.”

You weren’t chosen for the position you applied for.

Of course, this would be the most unfortunate reason for not receiving a reply after a job interview. But, remember if only one position was available and anywhere from 30 to 300 people applied for it, you’re not the only one who didn’t get the job, let alone a reply. As Parris points out, not being chosen for an interview is the most obvious reason you won’t hear back after applying.

“Still, most people would agree that they would rather get a friendly ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ email or phone call than the alternative—being ignored,” she admits, “If you haven’t heard back after a few weeks (and you didn’t hear back even after you followed up on your application), it’s safe to assume that you didn’t get an interview and should keep interviewing with other companies.”

Whatever you do, don’t harass them.

Being the aggressive type isn’t exactly the best way to go about getting a job. Professionalism will always be vital. So if you’re of the mind to continuously check in to see whether or not the role you applied for has been filled, chances are you won’t get the role – even if you were being considered.

According to Alison Green of U.S. News & World Report, “if you give into those nerves by contacting before you should or too many times, you risk undermining the good impression you hopefully made when you met with the employer.”


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