• Prasanthi Naidoo

Where can doctors earn the most in Canada?

There are many good reasons to consider a job in healthcare. The sectors with the most robust hiring outlook for the foreseeable future continue to be in healthcare and technology. (And occupations that combine those two disciplines will be some of the hottest career paths of the next few decades.)

Canada's highest paying job is in healthcare. Specialist physicians make the top wages, earning from $117,000 at the low end, and up to $375,000 a year. Family doctors make slightly less - but then again, they also get to spend more time working with patients on their overall health and less time cutting them up.

Of course, the salaries that healthcare employees earn will depend on their education and experience, their region, and the type of employer (large hospital, learning institution, private practice, etc.).

For a big picture look at where doctors are earning the most, here are the median and higher salaries from Statistics Canada for family doctors across the country.

Doctor wages by province:

Newfoundland and Labrador: median - $150,485 - high - $309,737 Nova Scotia: median - $111,830 - high - $202,431

New Brunswick: median - $122,065 - high - $276,379

Quebec: median - $128,325 - high - $277,923

Ontario: median - $129,707 - high - $319,924

Manitoba: median - $118,682 - high - $273,224

Saskatchewan: median - $120,049 - high - $335,266

Alberta: median - $125,239 - high - $326,535

British Columbia: median - $104,451 - high - $242,695

Doctors in Newfoundland and Labrador enjoy the highest median wages, but for those at the top of the pay scale, the money is in the west.

While the numbers from Stats Can indicate that the top paid doctors would be those in Saskatchewan, a recent report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information suggests that Alberta doctors may have surpassed them.

"Alberta physicians remain nation's highest paid, average gross income of $380,384," headlines the Edmonton Journal. The numbers are difficult to compare as the Statistics Canada data reflects net income after expenses, rather than the gross.

For specific wage information for cities and towns across the country, you can use the Explore Careers tool on the government of Canada website.

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