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Three occupations in healthcare ranked as the best jobs in the world to have in 2018

Every year, the career experts at CareerCast rank hundreds of occupations from the best jobs to hold to the worst career paths to be in. Jobs are rated according to their working environment, salary, employment outlook, and stress levels.

This year's worst occupation turns out to be as a taxi driver. (Riding in a car all day is an unhealthy environment, and income and outlook are tumbling as the industry has been Ubered.)

Technology changes everything. However, not always negatively. The advancement of technology is having a big impact on the healthcare industry. CareerCasts top ranked job of 2018, Genetic Counselor, is in healthcare, and owes its exponential growth to technology.

Advancements in genomics fuel the growth of this line of work. Genetic Counselors work with patients expecting children to assess and evaluate risk of genetic disorders and birth defects. They also advise patients at risk of congenital disorders.

The National Society of Genetic Counselors estimates that since 2006, the field has grown by 85 percent. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates growth by another 29 percent in the next eight years.

Preventative care, akin to the services a Genetic Counselor provides, is helping to shape the future of healthcare. With more people having access to healthcare, including preventative care, than at any other time in history, providers face challenges on the business side.

"Genetic Counsellors work as part of the health care team, and meet with people and families to talk about genetic conditions and how they can occur," Lauren Higgins, an Ottawa-based genetic counsellor and secretary of the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors told the Globe and Mail. "We discuss diseases and how they can be inherited, how they can be diagnosed, and how they're managed. We also review options with people and help facilitate and interpret results of their genetic tests and support informed decision-making."

In consulting with the board of the CAGC, which includes genetic counsellors working in almost every province in Canada, Higgins determined that salaries range widely depending on location, employer, experience level and specifics of the role. Salaries are estimated to start between $60,000 and $65,000 a year and go up from there to $100,000 - $125,000 for more experienced genetic counsellors.

Another healthcare role cracked the top ten list of the world's best jobs this year. The number six-ranked job among the 10 best jobs of 2018 is Medical Service Managers. People in these positions earn typically high pay (according to Service Canada, the average salary level of Canadian workers in the Managers in Health Care occupational group is $74,086 per year) with a growth forecast of 20% by 2026. They work in various capacities of the business side of a healthcare provider, ensuring budgets are met and finances are in order.

Most laboratory managers have a degree in science and subsequent training at a college, university or technical institute. Business management degrees are becoming increasingly sought-after, so many managers now also hold an MBA or other business certification.

A third healthcare role also makes the top ten list. Occupational Therapist ranks as a top profession nearly every year. The working environment tends to be low stress. Occupational therapists create programs for people affected by illness, injury, developmental disorders or psychological problems. They work for schools and healthcare facilities. Alternately, they can also start their own businesses.

Given the country's aging population the employment outlook is consistently increasing, and the pay is good. According to PayScale Canada, the median salary in 2016 was $78,385 in Canada. Wage growth in this profession is significant in the first five to 10 years on the job.

You can view the full rankings of hundreds of positions along with the methodology for rating them over at CareerCast.com.

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