• Prasanthi Naidoo

The top 10 keywords employers use to search for healthcare employees may surprise you

Our team recently conducted a deep dive into employer searches of resume databases to determine what they were looking for the most in candidates. The key findings were that soft skills: communications, teamwork, customer-relations, etc. are highly in demand across sectors. So too are computer literacy skills such as using Microsoft office, document production, file management and sharing.

All of these are the skills that your first few jobs working as part of a team, interacting with the public in the service industry, and a basic education can give you. They've become the price of admission for the job market in most industries.

But once you have these, what about taking it to the next level? Our team also looked at the most in-demand skills for popular sectors – after they'd removed those core competencies that are sought-after for all jobs.

The top ten search queries for healthcare employees were surprising to us because many of the keywords most often used weren't directly connected to patient care or medicine. Here's what HR departments and recruiters are looking for in resumes:

  • Analyst

  • Service

  • Business

  • Support

  • Assistant

  • Health

  • Medical

  • Data

  • Bilingual

  • Technician

The key learning here is that even in the highly-specialized healthcare sector, employers are seeking tech-savvy, skilled communicators, with cross-functional business acumen for many roles. (And if you can speak more than one language, that would be an asset as well.) Acquiring some of the skills most relevant to employers in your field - and making sure to include the relevant keywords that they search for in your resume - can greatly increase your chances of success.


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