• Prasanthi Naidoo

The Importance of Lifestyle Branding in Healthcare Recruiting

The Importance of Lifestyle Branding in Healthcare Recruiting

I look back at some of our early decisions we made in life, one being to leave our home in beautiful sunny South Africa and go explore this gorgeous world we live in, Every move we made was in search of a new and exciting lifestyle that suited the stage of life we were in. For example when we moved to Dublin, Ireland we experienced the wonders and joys of traditional Irish culture and rich heritage Ireland has to offer. Along with the ease to explore and experience UK & Europe, a six month stay ended up lasting 10 years!

Coming to Calgary Canada has been no different, it is almost our seventh year in this spectacular part of the world and every snowfall still continues to delight me. I vividly remember our first winter here in Calgary, it was severe with temperatures plummeting to -40 degrees celsius and snow knee deep. I was so excited to see snow I went out into our back garden and made snow angels across the lawn in the snow. So why am I sharing these precious memories? Well it is the very reason why we moved across the world and it remains the reason why we stay - lifestyle.

“As demand for healthcare services mushroom, successful recruiting will depend on how employers mind the gap between employment opportunities and a shrinking pool of available talent,” Health eCareers reported. Digital marketing, social and professional networks, and employer brand are essential and long-lasting trends in recruiting. Lifestyle branding in healthcare recruiting can perhaps be the game-changer especially when trying to find in-demand candidates for hard-to-fill roles.

Talent shortages, will pose a number of recruiting challenges for healthcare organizations. Talent acquisition leaders must employ innovative ways to reach active and passive job seekers. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Employer Brand - establishing a compelling and memorable employer brand is extremely important in a competitive talent landscape.

  • Lifestyle Brand - communicate clearly the lifestyle benefits a jobseeker can expect.

  • Social Media - social media channels provide an excellent way to reach both active and passive candidates where they are spending most of their time online.

  • Candidate Referrals - social networks also open up opportunities for candidate referrals especially if you create engaging job related content online.

  • Act Local and Think Global - include targeting from regions where credentials will be recognized.

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