• Prasanthi Naidoo

The best job in Canada for 2019 (is available right now on HealthJobHub)

Canadian Business magazine has recently published its annual report on the best career paths to follow in this country.

Most of the top spots are positions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Healthcare and the Skilled Trades. To create the jobs ranking list, positions were rated according to their salaries, employment outlook and future prospects.

The overall top ranked best job to have right now? It's Nurse Practitioner.

Canadian Business explained their reasoning for giving this job the top spot:

"Nurse practitioners have a wider scope of capabilities than a registered nurse, including the ability to diagnose patients and prescribe medications as well as ordering and interpreting lab tests. In addition to more responsibilities, nurse practitioners can benefit from higher pay grade, manageable work hours, and the ability to connect with patients on a more personal level."

Because of the added skillset, Nurse Practitioners are increasingly seen as a cost-effective alternative to physicians. This has driven up the demand for them in the job market, creating ample job opportunities, and a robust outlook for the future.

Check out all of the great opportunities for Nurse Practitioners available right now on HealthJobHub.

Healthcare roles to crack the top 25 jobs in Canada for 2019

Healthcare Manager (25)

Occupational Therapist (19)

Health & Community Service Manager (18)

Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor (17)

Dentist (2)


Nurse Practitioner (1)

You can see the full list of Canada's best jobs – and the methodology behind the ranking over at CanadianBusiness.com.


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