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The best healthcare support jobs of the future (are available right now on HealthJobHub)

Which supporting roles in the healthcare sector are projected to have the best employment outlook for the next decade? Our friends over at University Magazine have compiled the available data to create a shortlist of the top roles to be in.

While that is interesting enough, it turns out that here at HealthJobHub, we have tons of open positions for these hot fields available right now.

Here are some of the best support roles to have in healthcare.

Home health aide

Home health aides look after patients who wish to receive care in their own home rather than in an institution. They take care of some household tasks that patients aren't able to

do for themselves, as well as administer a range of care and services. Given the aging population and crowded hospitals and care centres, the demand for home health aides is expected grow for the foreseeable future.

Median Salary: $31,366

See home health aide positions available now.

Medical secretary

Medical secretaries look after clerical duties for a doctor's or other health professional's office. The interact with the public throughout the day, greeting patients and scheduling appointments, as work behind the scenes, maintaining records and files, dealing with insurance providers and vendors, and taking care of a large number of internal office administrative support procedures.

Median Salary: $44,574

Browse medical secretary jobs

Medical Assistant

When you visit your doctor, more often than not, your appointment is really with a team of people which includes a number of medical assistants. A medical assistant’s job is a mix of traditional office work, from covering the front desk and answering phones, to more hands-on clinical tasks, such as drawing blood or administering injections. Specialized medical assistants look after a wide range of functions helping physicians deliver the very best care.

Median Salary: $41,600

See medical assistant job openings.

Diagnostic medical sonographer

Diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) is a field of medical technology using imaging equipment and soundwaves to diagnose medical conditions. Medical sonographers help in the treatment and diagnosis of many internal health issues. They operate ultrasound equipment to produce and record images of various parts of the body to aid physicians in monitoring pregnancies and in diagnosing cardiac, ophthalmic, vascular and other medical disorders.

Median Salary: $74,880

View job opportunities for diagnostic medical sonographers.

Dental hygienists

Dental hygienists most often work in dental offices alongside dentists. They can also work in hospitals and clinics. They clean a patients' teeth and educate patients on the best ways to brush, floss and care for their teeth. They are a vital part of preventative medicine for healthy teeth and gums.

Median Salary: $72,800

See job openings for dental hygienists available now.

View thousands of other healthcare job postings on Canada's number one healthcare jobs site.

Read the complete list of top health care support jobs from UniversityMagazine.ca.

Salary data provided by Statistics Canada.

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