• Prasanthi Naidoo

The Art Of Getting Talented People To Relocate In Order To Work For You

When considering where to work, many talented career seekers contemplate such factors as salary, how much they’ll enjoy their jobs and what a company’s culture is like. The distance between home and work is another factor that many would-be employees of a business think about when deciding upon which companies to send job applications to.

Distance, however, isn’t always a factor that deters people from applying to jobs. Relocating, in fact, is sometimes an incentive. According to a June 2018 press release from the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, employers who step up with the right incentives will have better success in attracting new employees to regions where the talent is needed.

“A new study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) reveals that a majority of working Canadians are willing to relocate, with the right conditions and incentives, to another province or city within their province,” it reads, “In fact, overall appetite for relocation to another province or city within their current province has increased compared to the previous iteration of the inter-provincial mobility survey in 2014.”

Does destination matter?

Sure it does. The press release lists British Columbia as the top spot in Canada to both work and live. So if the destination of your job opportunity is in a province other than B.C., what can you do to entice talented individuals from all across Canada to apply for it?

It’s important, of course, to consider compensation. Let it never be lost on you that what people get paid matters. No matter how enticing a location of your job opportunity may be, the talent you attract will want to know that their income will be worth picking up, packing and moving to a completely new home.

According to the CERC press release, “the top three incentives motivating Canadians to relocate for full-time work include: a 20% increase in pay, a guarantee of returning to their current role within two years, and having their employer provide temporary housing until permanent housing is available. Relocation incentives pertaining to housing accommodations have increased in salience the most, over the past four years (30%, +13 pts since 2014).”

Do people tend to stay away from smaller cities?

In fact, it’s often quite the opposite. Smaller centres have been known to offer better quality of life, training & development, mentorship, career advancement and even more interesting work. However, it’s vital that the relocation process be done professionally. Securing the comfort and safety of anyone who may end up moving in order to work for you is of paramount importance.

Gone are the days when an employer offered a candidate a job that would start in a week and expect him/her to pack up their entire two-bedroom home into a U-Haul truck, drive straight through the night to a new city and arrive on the job well rested and ready for work. In fact, any employer who expects such a circumstance should be avoided at all costs. This type of carelessness would not have an employee’s safety and well-being at heart!

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