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"South Africa's doctor shortage is not unique"..."we have a global shortage"

Updated: Jan 4

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Every evening at 8pm I look forward to receiving the Daily Insider, BIZNEWS brought to you by Media | Connect, by digitalnewspaper.co.za, a South African newsletter. Tonight's article resonated greatly with me especially because of our initiative at www.healthjobhub.com, where we are building a global healthcare jobs platform to connect in-demand healthcare professionals to #job #opportunities to help #fillhealthcarejobsFASTER!

Here's the article:

"Hi Prasanthi

One of the things that living overseas has taught me is that, no matter where you go, people are certain that their country is falling apart. Take, for example, doctors. SA is facing a shortage of doctors and nurses, according to health ministerDr Zweli Mkhize. This is certainly true. There are not enough doctors to go around in SA, particularly outside of the big metropolitan areas.

But here's the thing – everyone is facing a doctor and nurse shortage. In Ireland and the UK, the papers are full of warnings about the medical professional shortage and angry pieces blaming government for the lack of healthcare workers in small, rural towns. Some people say this is because the healthcare systems in these countries are largely government-run. But you can read exactly the same complaints in the US media – not nearly enough doctors and nurses to go around. In the US, the shortage is blamed on things like insurance costs and lawsuits aimed at bad doctors.

But here's the reality: there is a global shortage of healthcare professionals. This is mostly because our global demand for healthcare – especially in rich countries full of old people – is rising much faster than expected. Creating new health workers is time consuming and expensive, and the pool of suitable young people to be trained as doctors is growing slower than demand. We have a lot of demand and constrained supply. So, we have a global shortage. This is a long-term problem that requires a concerted, global effort to increase supply. It's not a uniquely South African issue.



So this is the view from literally across the world! I started HealthJobHub.com in Calgary Canada because of the doctor & nurse shortage which is very much prevalent here as it is all the way across the world in South Africa and every country in between. Our vision at #HealthJobHub is to grow into a global player to help #fillhealthcarejobsFASTER. We are not backed by millions of dollars in funding or mega investors, we are just ordinary people who have experienced first hand, the need for more healthcare professionals globally and we are trying to do something about this major problem and help make a difference.

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