• Prasanthi Naidoo

Report: Five of the top ten highest paying jobs right now are in healthcare

The employer review site Glassdoor released their annual report on the 25 highest paying (US) jobs last week. As we have seen in similar recent reports, many of the top spots go to positions in the healthcare and technology sectors.

In fact, the number highest paying gig is in healthcare, as are five of the top ten most lucrative positions to hold right now.

Glassdoor's information is particularly interesting because it is user-generated. People working in the actual positions post their salaries and review their workplaces. The team then aggregates the data to compile a snapshot of jobs, employers, and salaries.

Here are their top ten highest paying jobs right now - with Canadian salary data provided by Statistics Canada.

10. Software Architect - Median salary $90,000 CAD

9. Nurse Practitioner - $84,500

8. Software Engineering Manager - $100,000

7. Physician Assistant - $84,500

6. Software Development Manager - $100,000

5. Corporate Counsel - $107,829

4. Enterprise Architect - $80,000

3. Pharmacist - $97,487

2. Pharmacy Manager - $127,500

1. Physician - $128,579

You can check salary rates by region across the country on the Explore Careers site provided by the Government of Canada.

You can view the full list of the Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs (in the US) on Glassdoor.com.


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