• Prasanthi Naidoo

#Physician #Recruitment made EASIER and more AFFORDABLE introducing the PAY-PER-APPLICANT Job Post


At HealthJobHub we receive a number of enquiries from Medical Clinics daily seeking #Physicians to join their team full-time or to work as a #Locum. Together with a few of our valued clients we developed a new job posting model which recognizes the high demand for physician job-seekers and understands that the supply is low. We also understand that traditional Physician recruitment costs are expensive.

What our Physician Clinics want and need is a LOW COST High Value Proposition Option to adequately market their open job opportunities effectively and efficiently to the right candidates to find the right Physicians they need, FASTER!

We are delighted to announce our latest new product offering at HealthJobHub the all new PAY-PER-APPLICANT job posting designed specifically for those hard-to-fill jobs. Employers are comforted to know that for a very, very low entry cost, they now have the opportunity to post their jobs on an active online platform targeted exclusively at healthcare job-seekers and in this case qualified Physician candidates. And that's not all, the job posting will be active for 6 months again emphasizing the time and process involved in attracting this in demand Physician candidate and establishing an effective marketing campaign.

Here is what you can expect from our new product, the all new PAY-PER-APPLICANT job posting:



  • This option is aimed at the Hard-to-fill job posting

  • Job Posting is active for 6 months

  • Low Cost only $150 to initiate the posting to attract High Value candidates

  • Pay-Per-Applicant cost is $250 per applicant

  • Pay only for verified applicants, i.e our team will monitor the flow of applicants and contact you to confirm if (a) you received the application (b) the applicant was qualified to apply for the job opportunity. This will trigger our invoice to you for each verified applicant you receive. If you receive a qualified applicant and choose not to employ them, you will still be required to make a payment for that applicant.

  • Includes all the benefits of the featured job posting such as:

  • Job posting always at the TOP of the search page and is optimized for site views

  • Includes targeted advertising of your featured job

  • Includes company logo

  • Includes video link upload

  • Includes up to 10 photos

To get started today and to post your Featured Job BOOSTED for APPLICANTS at the most affordable price, click here:



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