• Prasanthi Naidoo

Part-time work on the rise - and in some surprising career paths

Traditionally, when most of us think about part-time jobs, we picture students and other people pursuing other activities taking on retail and hospitality jobs on the side to pay the bills. However, new research from Stats Can shows that healthcare workers are amongst the people most likely to be working part-time - or in multiple jobs simultaneously.

Among different career paths, people working in Healthcare Services and Wellness have the highest average rate of multiple employment with 23 per cent holding down more than one position. People working in Accounting and Finance had the greatest increases in taking on multiple jobs from 11 per cent in the year 2000 up to 39 per cent by 2017.

10 most common part-time job titles of people holding down more than one job concurrently:

1 Instructor

2 Tutor

3 Student Nurse

4 Registered Practical Nurse

5 Bartender

6 President

7 Teaching Assistant

8 Personal Support Worker

9 Server

10 Teacher

Interestingly, Teacher and Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) are both in the top 10 list of those taking on second jobs. Those two job titles are not conventionally associated with part-time work – particularly because they require a high level of certification and training. The research team did some further digging into the full-time and part-time jobs people combine while being Teachers or Nurses.

It turns out that for Teachers, the most common full-time and part-time job titles are for teaching-related positions (instructor, tutor, teaching assistant) but at various institutions. Similarly, for Registered Practical Nurses, those holding down multiple jobs are likely to be practicing nursing at more than one facility.

The fact that "President" makes the list of people working multiple jobs doesn't likely indicate that the presidents of major corporations are moonlighting at the local burger joint to make ends meet. This is caused by the fact that in today's entrepreneurial economy, more people are starting their own small businesses (of which they are the president) on the side of their day job.

(Should you have a medical issue, there's a solid chance you'll be in good hands in the backseat of an Uber car. "Nurse" also cracks the top ten list of day jobs for Uber drivers.)

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