• Prasanthi Naidoo

Nurses reveal the best things about their jobs

As we noted recently, being a nurse is a great job. Canadian Business Magazine actually ranked Nurse Practitioner as the best career to have in this country for 2019.

Of course, being a nurse isn't a paid vacation. The job can take a physical and emotional toll. The hours can be long, the work is often hard, and sometimes patients die. On the other hand, the salaries are enviable, and the employment outlook is solid, with nurses being in demand nation wide.

So, what is the best part about being a nurse? To find out, the team at Business Insider spoke with dozens of nurses to determine what they find the most rewarding about their career path.

The top response from the participants in the survey was that they appreciate having to opportunity to help save people's lives.

Similarly, nurses said that they also value the relationships they form with patients and their families. Others said that they find it stimulating to work with such a diverse group of people as they encounter strangers from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. The intimacy of their role means that they don't just encounter people in passing, but they have the chance to get to know a little about the people they work with.

Further down the list of aspects of the job that professionals appreciate were the high demand for workers and above average salary levels.

For those on the job, it is the people, the relationships, and the impact that they can have on patient's lives that matter the most.

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Read the full story with personal quotes from the nurses surveyed over on Business Insider.


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