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Need a document to be translated? Languages in Motion provides Certified Translation Services

Languages in Motion Ltd.

Translation Services

When relocating to a new country, finding a trustworthy Certified/Authorized Translator can be difficult. Languages in Motion provides Certified Translation services in over 65 languages to and from English. Additionally, you will be able to translate all of your documents in one place. It only takes a few minutes to make a request and you will get an instant quote. Languages in Motion provides Certified Translations of documents such as:

  • Academic Records: Transcripts and Diplomas

  • Birth and Marriage Certificates

  • Identity Documents: Driver's License, Passport, ID Card

  • Police Clearance, Medical Records, Bank Statements

Translations done by Languages in Motion are guaranteed to be accepted in all levels of government and are trusted by thousands of immigrants in Canada. Securely submit your request for translation by visiting www.languagesim.com/translate/ or learn more here: https://www.languagesim.com/personal-translation/ Phone: 1-888-556-5541 Email: info@languagesim.com


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