• Prasanthi Naidoo

Most of the best jobs in the world for 2019 are in the Healthcare sector

The career experts agree, the top ranked jobs to have are largely in healthcare. That's the consensus from a variety of studies rating career paths based on their working conditions, employment outlook, and salary.

Every year, the career experts at CareerCast rank hundreds of occupations from the best jobs to hold to the worst career paths to be in. Once again in 2019, three of the top ten jobs are in healthcare – and nearly half of the top 20 are healthcare related positions. Here's what they are - along with their median salaries.

The best jobs in the world for 2019 (in Healthcare)

Occupational Therapist – $83,200 (4)

Genetic Counselor - $77,480 (5)

Medical Services Manager - $98,350 (6)

Speech Pathologist - $76,610 (12)

Dental Hygienist – $74,040 (13)

Audiologist - $75,920 (14)

Radiation Therapist – $80,570 (15)

Physical Therapist - $86,850 (18)

Optometrist – $110,300 (20)

Here's the full top 20 list from CareerCast.com.

Similarly, the team at Canadian business magazine ranked a variety of healthcare jobs as the best positions to have in Canada for 2019. In fact, their number one job was Nurse Practitioner. (And we have hundreds of job openings for this top ranked career available now on HealthJobHub.)

Healthcare roles to crack the top 25 jobs in Canada for 2019

Healthcare Manager - $95,000 (25)

Occupational Therapist - $82,000 (19)

Health & Community Service Manager - $110,000 (18)

Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor - $83,000 (17)

Dentist - $93,600 (2)


Nurse Practitioner - $104,000 (1)

You can see the full list of Canada's best jobs – and the methodology behind the ranking over at CanadianBusiness.com.

User-generated career information site Glassdoor.com also recently ranked the top jobs to have for 2019, and while Data Scientist grabbed the top spot, the number two position of 50 career paths rated was in Healthcare. Ranked according to earning potential based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating, and the number of job openings, Nursing Manager was the runner up for best job to have this year.

See the complete list from Glassdoor.

So the experts agree, healthcare jobs are well-paying, meaningful, and secure career paths to be in. Browse the thousands of healthcare job openings on HealthJobHub today.

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