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Lamont Health Care Centre is hiring! #Healthjobhub welcomes LHCC to our community 🤗👏👍

Lamont Health Care Centre Alberta


The Lamont Health Care Centre has a long and proud history of health care in the community. Beginning with the first pioneer doctor serving a far-flung population of immigrants and settlers, to the current state-of-the-art medical care centre, Lamont has been a leader in progressive medical care.


A multilevel facility which is operated by a Board under an affiliation with The United Church of Canada. The Mission of the Board is rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus and commits to treating every person with respect, compassion and dignity. The Mission clearly expresses the view that the beauty of God is seen in every person.

Although the care and service we provide is not limited to any community, our services are geared to meet the needs of a population of approximately 10,000 within Lamont County and municipalities within the County and other immediate surrounding areas.


The strength of any organization lies within its people. The Lamont Health Care Centre is blessed by the presence and support of many wonderful people who contribute to its caring, compassionate service to the community.

Leadership and governance are provided by our Board and Administration. Support is offered by many volunteers, and an active Auxiliary to the Lamont Health Care Centre. A Pastoral Care program links the hospital to the spiritual community, ensuring that the mission of caring for the whole person – body, mind and spirit – is available to all.

Surveys are conducted regularly to give patients, residents, families and staff the opportunity to reflect on their experiences with the Lamont Health Care Centre. Based on continuous feedback, any concerns can be addressed and “bouquets” given where due.  Continuous Quality Improvement is in place throughout the facility to encourage on-going excellence in patient care, safety and risk management.


Recent staff surveys have been a part of the Accreditation Review that is being undertaken every four years. The results of those surveys are shared and reviewed.

A Staff Survey in April 2017 indicated that overall, 97% of respondents indicated that their job was satisfying and worthwhile. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Staff indicated that they are treated like a valuable member of the organization. Ninety-three percent (93%) indicated a positive experience with respect to receiving on-going education and training to perform their jobs effectively and safely. Seventy-three percent (73%) of respondents indicated that they felt free to suggest changes to their Supervisor that would improve the efficiency/effectiveness of their particular Department or job performance. Ninety-six percent felt they have a clear understanding of the current organization structure. The various forms of communication in place, i.e. memos, monthly Board Summaries, newsletters, emails, were supported by 81% (monthly Board Summaries), newsletters (91%), emails (79%) and memos (89%).

Staff Comments:

What makes your job satisfying and worthwhile?

Being able to work with the residents so closely and getting to know them. As well as having a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day in knowing that I have helped make a difference in their day and overall care that our dept. provides.

The environment and the people I work with. The community of LHCC is very kind, comforting, caring and familiar. This makes my job very satisfying and worthwhile.

I like being able to make a difference. There are always new challenges and opportunities to improve my workplace and the facility as a whole.

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