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Together let's revolutionize the healthcare recruitment industry and make it simpler, better, faster...

HealthJobHub is an online healthcare community marketplace that connects healthcare professionals and healthcare employers seeking locums and permanent placements. Employers list their job opportunities on www.healthjobhub.com and job-seekers search for and apply to jobs in Canada and coming soon in USA, UK, India, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and more countries around the world.

What are the benefits to employers to post jobs on HealthJobHub?

  • FREE to post jobs on www.healthjobhub.com

  • Job postings are targeted exclusively at healthcare professionals

  • Free employer profile page to showcase your company, upload photos and videos to tell candidates who you are and the benefits to work with you

  • Screening questions to filter out unqualified applications quickly

  • Free Applicant Tracking System

  • Easy to use online platform

What are the problems with healthcare recruitment today and what is the solution?


  1. Healthcare labour costs are steadily increasing and fast becoming unsustainable and it still remains a major problem that there is a chronic shortage of healthcare skills especially in rural areas and some urban locations.

  2. Healthcare recruitment costs are expensive and employers do not wish to pay high fees to recruiters.

  3. General job boards attract too many unqualified applicants for healthcare job postings

  4. There are not enough and sometimes no qualified candidates who apply to hard-to-fill healthcare jobs such as physician jobs, specialist physician jobs, sonographer jobs, audiologist jobs and many more categories etc, using the general job boards

  5. Long outstanding healthcare job postings ultimately adversely impact patient care and ultimately adversely impact patient health.


HealthJobHub, an online community of healthcare job-seekers and healthcare employers, connecting on a single online platform targeted exclusively at the healthcare industry to post jobs, find jobs and fill healthcare jobs quicker.


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