• Prasanthi Naidoo

HealthJobHub now publishes jobs in USA, Canada, India and South Africa, welcome to the world!

COMPANY NEWS, delighted to share that healthjobhub.com now publishes jobs in USA, Canada, India and South Africa. We are now available in four countries around the world and have plans to add more countries to our platform soon. Our mission to our users is to offer more choices, more jobs and more great places to work. #WeHelpPeopleFindGreatPlacesToWork and #WeHelpPeopleFindJobsInHealthcare

January 2020 has been an extremely exciting and busy month for us at healthjobhub.com. We have started off this new year and not to mention, new decade, making some major improvements and changes to our website. Our user experience is of paramount importance to us at HealthJobHub and therefore we have redesigned our website to allow jobseekers to start searching and applying to jobs as soon as they enter our site! It's never been easier to find and apply to jobs on healthjobhub.com. Hooray! Success!

The next major piece of work we have done now in January was to change the online destination of our blog site. Our new blog site can now be found at www.blog.healthjobhub.com. Not only is our new blog site home to all our great blog content, it is also now host to our customer testimonials page and our about-us page. Wow, so much of wonderful content and awesome company news can now be found at www.blog.healthjobhub.com.

Last but not least we wish to share that we have now included an Advertisers page on our website. Please feel free to click here for more information or email us at info@healthjobhub.com.

If all the above exciting news is not enough, we have more! Our founder of healthjobhub.com Prasanthi Naidoo, participated in her first ever live interview on the #TellingItLikeItIs show hosted by Jade Alberts on Wednesday morning January 22nd, where she shares so much great information about healthjobhub.com. Please feel free to check it out here

So much as happened already and it's only the 24th of January 2020! Can't wait to see how the rest of this amazing year unfolds! Stay tuned!

As always we wish to thank our loyal supporters of healthjobhub.com, without you all this will not be possible!

With much l❤ve,

Team HealthJobHub ❤️

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