• Prasanthi Naidoo

Four skills (you may already have) that can set you apart on the job market

Of course, you have your certifications and credentials. You are ready to take on a new role in the healthcare sector. The trouble is, everyone applying for the same jobs as you is also going to have those exact baseline qualifications required to enter the field. So how do you stand out?

Think about your other skills and assets. What else do you bring to the table that similarly trained candidates might not?

Here are some examples of skills that are in demand by Canadian employers – at least some of which you probably already have. Try showcasing these abilities along with your healthcare qualifications in your next job application.

Some skills you may already have that make you more hireable:


Written communications skills are among the most sought-after by employers in job postings for most industries - and that includes healthcare. Being able to write well will help you succeed in almost any career field. Every time you write an email, a report, or even a quick note, you can stand out as a communicator from the many people who are poor spellers or don’t use proper grammar.

This skill can also help improve your application: your online profiles, your cover letter, and resume all showcase your ability to write.

Speaking / presenting

Being able to present information to a room full of people confidently and effectively is a valuable skill that can take you far in your career. Employers value people who have skills in public speaking and presentation. Whether it’s for educating patients or training staff, speaking to conferences, or leading teams, honing your presentation skills will be worth the effort.

Microsoft PowerPoint is also an essential software that is widely used in many settings for presentations and sharing information. Highlight it in your resume.

Being bilingual

How’s your French? Can you write and speak in both English and French? You’re hired. Fluency in both of Canada’s official languages remains a solid career asset. What about Mandarin or Cantonese? Do you speak German, Farsi, or another language? Many healthcare institutions cater to diverse groups of patients. Every added language you speak increases the quality of care they can offer more people. Multi-lingual candidates gain access to more opportunities, face less competition for jobs, and earn higher wages.

Digital literacy

For the jobs of the future, digital literacy will be increasingly vital. For a growing number of jobs, having spreadsheet and word-processing software such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can make the difference in getting hired.

Computer use, file creation and sharing, online communications are not optional any more. Candidates with more advanced tech skills will have a distinct advantage over those who are computer shy.

Social media skills are becoming essential for an increasingly wide-range of roles beyond community managers. Highlight your online communications skills and technical abilities to demonstrate how you embrace innovation and keep up with the times.


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