• Prasanthi Naidoo

Four great reasons to consider a career in healthcare now

If you’re reading this blog on Canada's top healthcare careers website, you probably have at least some interest in working in the healthcare field. Good call. Many of the top career paths to be in right now for working conditions, outlook, and wages are this sector.

Need more incentive? Here are four great reasons to explore working in healthcare.

1. Employment outlook. According to Statistics Canada, the healthcare industry is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. This projected growth is mainly due to an aging population and a greater demand for healthcare services. Plus, the healthcare sector is insulated against economic shifts and downturns that can impact other industries. Regardless of trade wars or recessions, people will always need healthcare.

2. Enviable wages and benefits. As we have seen on several recent reports, many of the top-paying jobs of 2018 are in healthcare. Most occupations in this field pay well above the national average salary of +- $50,000. Many pay more than double that amount. Often, the more training you undertake, the higher the wages you will earn. For example, surgical specialists can earn a salary of over $400,000.

3. Exciting work environment. Your healthcare career is unlikely to be a nine-to-five gig in a cubicle. Most healthcare professionals interact with numerous people (patients and doctors, administrators and technicians, just to name a few) throughout the course of their day. While there will be slow days, many will be action-packed, and no two will be alike in this fast-paced sector.

4. The opportunity to make a difference. One of the most important benefits of working in healthcare is that you will have a chance to genuinely help people. Sure, you could be selling products or building widgets, and those are fine careers. But the sense of well-being that you'll get from treating the sick or injured, offering friendly compassionate service to people not feeling their best, or determining life-saving test results is invaluable.

For solid outlook and high wages, an action-packed environment and meaningful work, explore the many great opportunities in healthcare available right now.


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