• Prasanthi Naidoo

Five things to add to your healthcare resume to stand out from the crowd

When you are trying to compete for a highly sought-after role, you need more than a templated resume listing your work history and education. You need a marketing document that demonstrates you are the stellar candidate for the job.

Of course, your healthcare resume needs to highlight your credentials. Most recruiters and recruitment software that scans resumes will seek out your degree, licenses, certifications and any required areas of specialized training first. This helps them to filter down the number of applicants to just those who are most qualified.

At this point, you will be competing against similarly credentialed rival candidates. Here are five ways that you can make your resume outshine the pack.

Communications skills. Employers across sectors value candidates with solid communications skills. You will seldom read a job posting that doesn't list them as a requirement. These are especially crucial to have for healthcare roles where you will be required to deal with patients and their advocates, administrators, specialists, department heads, and more.

Highlight your oral and written communications skills in your resume. Let potential employers know that you can stay positive and calm in heated situations, can prepare error-free detailed reports, and speak confidently to large groups.

Other transferable skills. Since your credentials will likely match those of your competition, point out what else you can bring to the table. Have you had to negotiate contracts or deals? Managed teams or organized events? An applicant who demonstrates organizational, team work, and management abilities will stand head and shoulders above those who don't. Describe your transferable skills in a way that demonstrates how they can be applicable to your targeted position.

Tech savvy. Even if the job you are targeting isn't in the IT department, showing your computer literacy and ability to embrace new technologies will still be an asset. Like it or not, technology is rapidly changing the shape of the industry and impacting more and more areas of healthcare delivery from communications and record keeping to patient safety and more. Use your resume to show that you are keeping up with the evolution of healthcare tech in the digital age by highlighting your computer skills.

Significant accomplishments. For each area of your past experience, point out your big wins. More than what your duties or responsibilities were, employers will be impressed by reading how you stood out on the job. Highlight your biggest accomplishments, any awards or recognition received, or occasions when you went above and beyond your job description in order to deliver results.

Internships and volunteer positions. If you are new to the sector, or applying for your first job, then describe any internships or volunteer work that have done in order to demonstrate real-world work experience. Again, most importantly point out any recognition or significant accomplishments you achieved in those roles.

A resume that includes these five things will stand out above and beyond those that simply list past job titles and responsibilities in reverse chronological order.


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