• Prasanthi Naidoo

Fill healthcare jobs 33% faster at 67% less cost

HealthJobHub fills healthcare jobs 33% faster at 67% less cost

HealthJobHub Already Found Qualified Candidates For Your Job.

With a 67% reduction from agency fees, you’ll fill healthcare jobs 33% faster than the national average.

HealthJobHub can help Healthcare Employers fill open positions in 1/3 less time than the national average by delivering more highly qualified candidates and less irrelevant resumes.

HealthJobHub accelerates the whole end-to-end process of online recruitment, from job ad submission to hiring. HealthJobHubs best results have seen employers hire applicants in 40 days vs. national averages of approximately 60 days.

Times have changed. Unlike traditional job boards, we don’t take your ad and “List It and Forget It.” For HealthJobHub, it’s all about delivering proactive service to you vs. the sedentary approach by the traditional big online job boards. If we don’t already have some highly-qualified candidates in our database, we know where to find them online and how to get their attention. Using the latest in social, blogging, influencer and content publishing strategies via an omnichannel approach, our HealthJobHub Brand Boost service ensures your message and brand gets thousands of views by quality prospective job seekers wherever they are on the internet, not just those who visit our jobs website.

HealthJobHub Boost combined with our Career Matching Intelligence (C.M.I.) is how we “pre-qualify” who the best people are for your job, your facility, your employer type, the area you live in and much more.

Health Care Employers need a trusted platform that delivers fewer applicants with more highly-qualified candidates. As a global company that integrates locally, HealthJobHub has seen success connecting markets, health care employers and international job seekers. The future of health online recruitment is here.

Welcome to HealthJobHub. How may we help you?

More information, for employers: https://www.healthjobhub.com/for-employers

Let's get started, post your job today: https://jobs.healthjobhub.com/employment/registeremployer.aspx


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