• Prasanthi Naidoo

Degrees with 100 per cent employment after graduation

Think that there are no fields of study left that can guarantee you a high-paying job after leaving school? Think again. A survey of graduates conducted by the Council of Ontario Universities has found those degrees that led to full employment.

Of the students who graduated from Dentistry, for example, 100 per cent were working in their field within six months of finishing school. Two years later, they were all still employed in related jobs.

Those who studied Veterinary Medicine were virtually all employed (97.83 per cent) within six months. Two years after leaving school, 100 per cent of them had found work in their field.

Other medicine and healthcare-related fields of study fared nearly as well. Over 98 per cent of graduates from Nursing and Pharmacy were working in relevant jobs within two years of completing their studies.

Ten top degrees that had over 90 percent employment shortly after leaving school:

Dentistry - 100%

Veterinary Medicine - 100.00%

Kinesiology/Recreation/Phys - 95.01%

Medicine - 99.67%

Nursing - 98.56%

Optometry - 97.83%

Pharmacy - 98.39%

Therapy & Rehabilitation - 90.91%

Food Science & Nutrition - 92.43%

Health Professions - 93.73%

For this research, a total of 83,521 students who graduated from undergraduate programs at Ontario universities in 2014 were surveyed, with 34,031 (40.7 per cent) responding. The annual survey was conducted by CCI Research Inc. between November 2016 and March 2017. You can read the full study here.


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