• Prasanthi Naidoo

COMPANY NEWS: Alberta Health Services Supports #HealthJobHub

AHS Jobs now on HealthJobHub

On this momentous day, exactly two months since we launched www.healthjobhub.com, we are delighted to announce the support of Alberta Health Services.

As one of the largest Health Subsidiaries across Canada, AHS has pledged endorsement and support to our initiative at #healthjobhub by way of listing all AHS jobs on www.healthjobhub.com.

We are profoundly humbled and deeply honoured to have received the support of this incredible and massive organization, Alberta Health Services.

To mark this special day, we are featuring all AHS jobs on www.healthjobhub.com, please click here to view all AHS jobs: https://jobs.healthjobhub.com/employment/profiledisplay.aspx?cid=2437


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