• Prasanthi Naidoo

Career Pages – Why They Should Never Be An After Thought

Does your company website have a career page? If not, chock this one up as one of your company’s top recruitment fails. Without a career page, you’re missing out on giving your site’s visitors an in-depth look into what it would be like to work for you.

A career page is a powerful employer branding tool that helps raise awareness about your brand and drives interest in your company. A well-designed career page gives interested job seekers a peek into your company culture through videos, photos, employee-created content and testimonials. But not every company website takes advantage of this.

What makes a strong career page?

The first step to having a strong career page on your company website is ensuring it exists! Too often, company websites lack career pages and this can do a lot to turn potentially interested candidates away from applying for available job positions.

Secondly, an interest-garnering career page contains more than just standard information about a company. It should make clear why someone would want to work there.

In addition, a good career page must contain pictures – of actual humans! Show legitimate employees, happy and engaged, within your welcoming work environment. There’s no better way to exclaim “work for us!” than to show exactly what it looks like when you become an employee.

What are some career page no-no’s?

The Greenhouse Blog lists a number of “common offenders” that represent what a poor career page looks like. They include just having a list of vacancies, the use of stock photos, cliché job titles like “ninjas” and “rockstars” and no listed reasons for why anyone would want to work for the company.

“According to LinkedIn research, only 25% of candidates are actively seeking a job,” informs Greenhouse, “This means that the large majority of the talent pool needs to be moved by your careers page in order to spend the time applying. Yet the reality is that most careers pages are pretty darn awful.”

What does a top-rated career page look like?

The Greenhouse Blog goes on to list Airbnb as a company with a top-rated career page on its website. “Airbnb’s careers page shares a clear mission statement that inspires,” explains the blog, “It explicitly defines the type of employees they are and are seeking, while also intriguing great applicants with quotes from regular fireside chats with well-known innovators.”

RecruitingSocial.com agrees the Airbnb career page is “awesome”, noting its effectiveness in showing visitors why Airbnb would be a place they’d want to work. The opening value proposition used on the Airbnb career page is: “Create a world that inspires human connection.” RecruitingSocial.com believes this is an idea worth stealing, highlighting the phrase’s telling of the brand’s story.

“Your job board should not be front and centre,” insists the website, “Tell a story first – one that inspires the right potential applicants and dissuades the wrong ones. Then present them with your list of open roles.”

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