• Prasanthi Naidoo

35k hits recorded in a month since launch of www.healthjobhub.com

Total activity recorded in one month since the launch of www.healthjobhub.com was 35,787 made up of views + search engine views + website clicks + onsite applications + offsite applications. We are delighted to announce that in our first month of going live we had 94 onsite applications go through our site and 17 offsite applications.

Our mission to fill healthcare jobs quicker is fast becoming a reality. HealthJobHub carves out a much needed niche in the crowded job board market and throws a spotlight on one of the fastest growing and extremely important industries out there, Healthcare.

Upon launch we showcased 6000+ healthcare jobs across Canada for job-seekers to checkout. Today, a month later we have in excess of 7,000 jobs on our website for job-seekers to view and apply to.

We welcome employers to please support our mission to fill healthcare jobs quicker and post all your jobs on www.healthjobhub.com.

Job-seekers, thank you for your amazing support thus far. Please continue to support us, tell your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and everyone who you know about www.healthjobhub.com and make it the #1 place you go to find your next dream job in healthcare.

Together we can all help fill healthcare jobs quicker and make a real difference in peoples lives.


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