• Prasanthi Naidoo

3 Reasons Your Job Ads Are Awful

Are you finding you’re not attracting the type of talent you’d like to hire? If so, it’s time to look at the root of the problem – your job ads. Far too many postings are disconnected from their actual intent. If the intent (as it should be) is to attract talented, motivated and hard-working individuals, your job ads cannot consist of lists of impossible skills and education.

Unfortunately, such laundry lists often make up a large portion of the job ads out there. After reading through them, it makes you wonder who the companies that posted them actually hired in the end. At times, it’s hard to imagine they hired anyone at all! And this is what candidates are likely thinking when they read your impossible-to-satisfy job ads. If your jobs ads are disconnected from their purposes, you’re missing out on a lot of applications.

Here are three reasons your job ads are awful and not attracting the talent you want:

Reason One: They don’t seem to want to really hire anyone.

It’s no secret that many companies hire internally. When the intent is simply to move someone up from within the company, job postings are published simply to adhere to protocol. Savvy job seekers are aware of this and can easily sniff out the postings written as if the companies don’t really want anyone to apply. On Forbes.com, Nancy Collamer refers to these as “phantom postings”.

“Federal labour rules don’t require employers to post openings they have, but many companies do,” she writes, “Unfortunately, this means that sometimes — especially when there’s a qualified candidate on staff, waiting in the wings — managers intentionally write job descriptions in a way that discourages outsiders from applying so the insider will be a shoo-in. Not nice, but it happens.”

Reason Two: The postings list impossible standards that no one can live up to.

If your posting lists such requirements as “10 years of experience” in any particular field, it is screaming for millennials to stay away. In a country where baby boomers are reaching retirement age and our younger generation is hungry to begin careers, such job postings are completely ineffective. A too-hard-to-satisfy list of job experiences is a certified way to keep job seekers at bay.

“I’ve seen reqs asking for ‘a minimum’ 10 years of iOS development experience, which, save the Apple launch team, is an impossible ask (the original rolled out only a decade ago), “says Vinayak Ranade on RecruitingDaily.com, “Similarly, most social media positions are looking for years of experience that predate the tech and tools of the trade.”

Reason Three: The kitchen sink theory – the posting asks for everything and offers nothing.

Too many recruiters forget their jobs are to entice talented individuals to want to work for their companies. Instead, these recruiters focus their energies on determining whether or not their candidates are enticing enough to deserve to be hired. As a result, the job postings make numerous requests, but promise nothing substantial in return.

“Unfortunately, too many employers are looking for everything,” says Ranade, “They think they’ll know it when they find it, but the problem with that is this generally tends to turn off any candidates worth finding by asking not what the company can do for the candidate, but rather, what the candidate can do for the company.”

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